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Home IPTV: Free IPTV App for Smart TVs


It is a simple and easy to use IPTV application for smart TV like LG and Samsung . This app is free for ever .
You need search for Home IPTV in your TV application store  and install it .

attention : This app don’t provide contents like TV channels or movies , You need place subscription with an IPTV provider . If you have not place one now .

Install Home IPTV

Bring TV channels to Home IPTV

  1. Find TV ID
    Open application and find your TV ID

Upload m3u Link on your TV ID

Open Home IPTV upload portal : https://www.homeiptv.com/#pages
and Enter TV ID and M3U link , then click on Import Channels .

Done , You can restart TV and channels will load on HOME IPTV app.